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IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH

Vial check

Intelligent multi-camera system for quality control of vaccine bottles.

IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH

Additive in space

Cost reduction in aerospace through additive manufacturing.


Contactless energy and data transfer for handling tasks

Although robotic systems are sometimes limited by constraints in automation and drive technology, this issue can be easily minimized. Application-specific automation from a single source enable machine builders to develop new, commercially beneficial solutions for customers. To demonstrate, consider the case of a gantry robot that uses contactless energy and data transfer instead of fixed wiring runs and cable carriers.


Achieving production confidence through measurement

Technoset UK's experience. Technoset mainly operates in the aerospace market. The company has specialized in creating highly complex, precision machined components on its multi-axis turning and milling centres, using both common and exotic metals.


Keeping load peaks down and operational reliability up

Especially for gantry systems, rapidly accelerating heavy loads can shoot the electrical power demand of frequency drives through the roof. At the same time while braking, regenerative energy is being put back into the drive system. For Ilsemann Automation, the challenge was to make the most effective use of the braking energy and to not dissipate it in braking resistors. In its retrieval robots for plastic processors, the company uses a drive solution from SEW-EURODRIVE that minimizes energy consumption, while at the same time boosting the operational reliability of the system.

Mitsubishi Electric US

Manual work meets modern automation to empower workers with handicaps

In spite of advancing digitalization, the following still applies: Manual workstations are indispensable, because automation is not always profitable with small batch quantities or complex processes. Such workstations are preferred at the Martinshof Werkstatt Bremen, a sheltered workshop for a mixed workforce including people with handicaps, as they are ideally suited for integrating persons with physical or cognitive handicaps into working life.

Join the 155,000+ IMP followers