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Major product portfolio expansion in the area of energy distribution: new residual current transformers as well as intelligent AC/DC current transformers

In the field of heavy current measurement, current transformers are essential. Among the important parameters are reliability and accuracy, to guarantee very lengthy service life. A measurement device like this one from Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG, developed and manufactured in Switzerland, normally always needs one current transformer for each conductor, which is why these products are so important.

Photo: The range of current transformers and transducers is growing constantly in response to market demand.

Customers can now choose from a wide range of current transformers available from Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG. These include standard current transformers in the SIRAX CT series with 1A or 5 A output, available in 4 variants. These variants are: wound current, bushing-type (single-phase or three-phase), split core and compact SC series core-balanced current transformers. The DACT and KBU series, which are essential for measuring residual current in electrical systems, were recently added to the portfolio of residual current transformers. With an RCM (Residual Current Monitor), even the smallest residual currents (leakage currents) are detected with high precision by the residual current detector and transferred to a higher-level measurement device (for example SIRAX AM1000/3000, PQ3000/5000, etc.). This is to prevent damage to people and to system hardware before it can occur. Typical areas of application are data centres, hospitals, factories, public buildings, shopping centres, etc.

To complement the portfolio of residual current transformers, Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG is introducing unique and intelligent AC/DC current transformers to the market. Their advantage is being able to measure single phase currents up to 300AAC (max. 800VAC), or 400ADC (max. 1000VDC) in different frequency ranges which gives planners and system builders maximum flexibility. Energy meters integrated in the transformer are also optionally available. These save buying separate energy meters for internal invoicing, which simplifies the installation task and saves cost as a result. Intelligent current transformers thus ideal in applications for monitoring photovoltaic systems, battery charging systems, UPS systems as well as processes with changing frequencies. The transformer parameters can be configured either by DIP switches or through Modbus RTU, using a free, user-friendly software utility.

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