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Optical measurement? Extremely fast and repeatable, ideal for inspection in production

The Metrios brand specializes in 2D optical measurement systems. Its mission is to support production through metrology. 2D optical measuring is extremely fast and repeatable, ideal characteristics for inspection during production. By employing exclusive on-board Step Masters, Metrios has become a highly reliable instrument.

“Metrios listens to the customer’s specific application. First, we have to understand what the customer needs, then we provide a solution and decide how to proceed. Once we have analyzed the situation with the customer, we decide “the way to measure” and take it from there.”

The measuring machine is only one part of the entire supply. The operators are trained in its use, the machine has to be integrated into the quality system, the production machines and the automation systems. This is what we mean what we talk about integrated metrology solutions.

“Integrated metrology” means that the tool automatically detects the dimensions of the part with the references of whichever machine or line produced it. Thanks to the speed of optical measuring, you can perform numerous measurements and keep production trends monitored. This means no more scrap parts.

“During trade fairs customers often ask very specific questions, either about resolution or whether accuracy is high in the entire field of view. They are looking for all the details so they can be sure they are making the right choice. The entire Metrios field of view has both high resolution and accuracy, but we want to send our customers a different message. They don’t have to worry about these details. Our priority is to provide them with the right machine.”

An operator measuring parts with a bar code reader has got to be the definition of simplicity and confidence that no mistakes will be made. The bar-code loads the program, identifies the operator and the production line. In just a few seconds the data is available, and no transcription errors are possible. The operator is ensured a fast, digital automatic measurement and the live image on a large screen. You can come across a dirty part or one with a burr that will give a false measurement: but with Metrios you know straight away if you are producing scrap parts, so you stop, clean the part and continue the process.

What does Metrios mean? Metrios means producing better, controlling processes easily and a guaranteed good result at the end of the day. A supplier with this technology has an edge over others. In this historic moment, it’s inconceivable to carry on producing with a high percentage of scrap. The market won’t allow it, and neither will the environment.

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