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New type of contour measurement

With the new CMS 700i 3D contour measurement system, Leuze electronic is presenting a world’s first for volume measurements: a complete solution for the fault-free storage of goods that can be autonomously commissioned and maintained by the customers via WebConfig.


Eaton announces new Synflex Optimum thermoplastic hydraulic hoses and fittings designed to work together, enabling safe and effective fluid conveyance

Power management company Eaton announced the launch of the Synflex Optimum family of thermoplastic hydraulic hoses and fittings, designed to work together to improve hydraulic system performance, simplify assembly and optimize inventory.

Schmalz News

Lockable spring plunger with high quality plain bearings and damping spring by Schmalz

With its new spring plunger FST-LOCK-HD, Schmalz has developed a solution for the gentle and rapid handling of curved and flexible 3D components. The spring plunger has an infinitely lockable stroke and is compatible with the holder system for tooling HT. This makes it possible to use the spring plunger in a wide variety of applications.


Sensory quick-change pallet module increases process transparency

The sensory quick-change pallet module SCHUNK VERO-S NSE-S3 138, allows maximum transparency on the clamping situation during the ongoing operation. Pull-down force, position of the clamping slide, and pallet presence can be continuously monitored.

Bihl + Wiedemann News

ASi-5 Counter Module Expands IP20 Product Family

The IP20 product family from Bihl+Wiedemann welcomes a new member: The ASi-5 counter module is now also available in IP20 in addition to the IP67 version.


Precise temperature measurement in industrial processes

In numerous industrial processes, high precision temperature control is required to achieve high and consistent quality results.

Codesys News


CODESYS platform for Industry 4.0 goes into live operation.

HMS Industrial Networks AB

Talk2M Easy Setup makes machine connectivity easier than easy

HMS Networks today announces a new set of features in the Talk2M®Easy Setup framework for Ewon® products, targeting to make secure remote machine access connectivity even easier for machine builders and end users.

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