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FAULHABER expands line of stepper motors

Enormous acceleration with disc magnet technology

FAULHABER expands line of stepper motors

Photo caption: A disc magnet stepper motor is suitable for use in, e.g., the textile industry.

Following the acquisition of Dimatech, a Swiss manufacturer of high-performance stepper motors, FAULHABER now also offers this motor type with higher power and greater dynamics. The primary difference between disc magnet motors and conventional motors is the disc magnet motor's extremely light rotor. It consists of a multi-pole magnet in the shape of a disc mounted on the motor shaft. Its low weight minimises the rotor inertia and enables an acceleration that is unattainable for these dimensions by any other technology.

Thus, this motor type is ideally suited for applications in which the speed or direction changes often and quickly. Due to the design, it is also predestined for performing very small and precise step movements. In addition, the size of the magnet poles as well as the shape of the magnetic circuit are arranged so that they achieve the highest possible torque with respect to the rotor dimensions.

With their specific characteristics, these stepper motors are ideally suited for, among other things, automation applications in which small loads are to be moved very fast. This occurs frequently in the semiconductor and textile industries as well as in medical technology and in robotics. Another advantage is the low weight of the motors. This is important above all where the motor moves with the load.

The advantages at a glance:
• Very high acceleration / change of direction capability
• High power density
• Long operational lifetimes
• Short and light motors
• High pull-in speed
• Possibility of full step, half step and microstep operation
• High reliability

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