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Slim hydraulic expansion toolholder with cool-flow increasing efficiency

The cool-flow technology is another milestone in the hydraulic expansion technology from SCHUNK: The coolant jet is immediately forwarded through the slim precision toolholder to the tool.

Slim hydraulic expansion toolholder with cool-flow increasing efficiency

Three years ago, SCHUNK launched the slim hydraulic expansion toolholder TENDO Slim 4ax, which received great attention. Its precision mounting combines the outside geometry of heat shrinking mountings according to DIN 69882-8 with the proven qualities of SCHUNK hydraulic expansion technology. SCHUNK launches a version with cool-flow technology now that allows for highly effective cooling via tool mountings.

Cool-flow optimizes chip removal

The TENDO Slim 4ax cool-flow toolholder offers various advantages, when it comes to machining of steel, aluminum, and plastic. Since the coolant or water jet does not depend on the unclamped length and always optimally adapts to the metal-cutting process. In contrast to heat shrinking mountings, the jet of the TENDO does not bounce back along the whole unclamped length of the tool shank, but instead fully surrounds the tool shank up to the cutting edge. This is a benefit for cooling the cutting edge, improving the chip removal, and increasing efficiency of the overall process. Pilot applications in the field of tool making show that the vibration-absorbing mounting cool-flow technology particularly pays off in the form of an excellent surface quality when roughing, pre-finishing and finishing. Moreover, reworking measures and tool costs are reduced.

Plug & Work
In contrast to heat shrinking toolholders, the TENDO Slim 4ax seamlessly fits into the proven program of hydraulic expansion technology from SCHUNK with its permanently precise run-out accuracy of < 0.003 mm at an unclamped length of 2.5 x D, and a balancing grade of G 2.5 at 25,000 RPM. Moreover, the shape and positional tolerances can be met precisely. Like all SCHUNK TENDO hydraulic expansion toolholders, the TENDO Slim 4ax is also convincing in terms of perfect vibration damping and a rapid tool change by using an Allen key. Investments into expensive peripheral equipment are not required. Since the precision mounting of conventional heat shrinking toolholders can be easily replaced by Plug-&-Work without having to reprogram the outside contour, their advantages can be directly tested or permanently used.

The slim mounting with cool-flow technology will be available in the lengths of 90 mm and 120 mm for the interfaces HSK-A63 between ø 6 mm up to ø 32 mm. The interfaces for SK 40 with ø 6 mm up to ø 32 mm will be available in mid-2020. Further interfaces such as BT 40 and length variants with 160 mm are being planned.

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