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Faurecia invests in start-up Moovency for ergonomic risk assessment in its industrial sites

Faurecia, a world-leading automotive technology company, announced today its investment in Moovency, a French start-up specializing in 3D skeleton tracking, to reinforce risk assessment and workplace health in its industrial sites.

Faurecia invests in start-up Moovency for ergonomic risk assessment in its industrial sites

Moovency, founded in 2018 and based in Rennes, offers real-time 3D skeleton tracking technology with uses in industrial settings and possible applications in improving productivity and preventing Muscular Skeleton Disorders. Moovency’s KIMEA technology enables Faurecia to carry out rapid and accurate ergonomic risk assessments, improving operators’ posture and movements at their workstations and helping reduce the onset of musculoskeletal issues over time.

" In a few short years, Moovency has developed a robust solution that reinforces employee health and safety in our plants. We look forward to deepening our collaboration with Moovency in order to provide new digital solutions that will reduce ergonomic risks in all our plants."

Dr Hans Nicolaisen
HSE Director of Faurecia

" Having an investor like Faurecia is an important milestone for us and a recognition of the quality of our solution. This is also a strong commitment of the upcoming partnership for the use of KIMEA in Faurecia plants. This fundraising will allow us to accelerate our development, hire new talents and adapt our technology to the specific needs of our customers like Faurecia."

Dr Pierre Plantard
Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Moovency

This investment in Moovency is made by Faurecia Ventures, which advances Faurecia’s innovation strategy by identifying, incubating and investing in start-ups with relevant technologies for Sustainable Mobility and the Cockpit of the Future.

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