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BrauBeviale: Baumer presents sensor solutions for improved efficiency

At upcoming BrauBeviale in Nuremberg (28 - 30 November),sensor expert Baumer will be presenting intelligent sensor solutions for the brewing and beverage industry. The trade show focuses on resource efficiency, which can be significantly increased with smart Baumer products.

BrauBeviale: Baumer presents sensor solutions for improved efficiency

To beverage producers, particularly CIP cleaning and heat exchangers provide significant saving potential. Here, high-precision measured values and fast response times will significantly cut down on energy and media consumption. For CIP applications, Baumer offers hygienic sensors to quickly and precisely measure parameters like conductivity, flow, temperature, filling level and pressure. Latest example is ultra-compact conductivity sensor PAC50, voted "sensor product of the year 2023". Thanks to the high performance and temperature stability up to 140 degrees, the sensor is perfect for small production lines.

The next stage in point level detection
With PLP70 level sensor, Baumer makes continuous point level detection easier, more convenient and significantly more flexible. The potentiometric level sensor automatically adapts even to homogeneous, low-conductivity media (more than 5 microsiemens/cm ) and with the large touch display ensures user-friendly process monitoring. Thanks to the extremely short response time, the sensor is ideal for applications with rapidly changing levels, such as filling processes.

Simply code reading with the IDC200
Fast integration and simple commissioning: At BrauBeviale, Baumer is presenting an extremely user-friendly new development for code reading, too. The IDC200 multicode reader can be easily connected to a computer via USB-C and put into operation via web interface. Thanks to Auto-setup, just one click will suffice for reading multiple different codes.

road encoder portfolio for assembly line control
The wear-free EB200E from the broad Baumer encoder portfolio is ideal for precise assembly line control in filling and packaging: It delivers the position and speed information via IO-Link interface. Alternatively, the sensor can be directly configured as speed monitor. Two switching outputs monitor over-speed, speed range, standstill or direction of rotation. Thanks to the compact dimensions and minimized space requirements, EB200E easily integrates into machine designs.

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