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Metz Connect presents Compact controller and data logger "Node-RED"

The EWIO2 device families are high-performance data loggers and mini controllers with numerous interfaces for applications in energy monitoring and energy management systems in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001, as well as for automation tasks in buildings, machines, and systems.

Metz Connect  presents Compact controller and data logger Node-RED

In the process, prefabricated nodes are linked together to form program flows. Countless flows and nodes from different manufacturers and categories (palettes) can be loaded from the large Node-RED community into the development environment and used.

Two Ethernet-Ports with Daisy Chain function and the WLAN interface are predefined for connection to a LAN or WLAN network and for daisy chaining several network participants. The EWIO2 features the communication protocols Modbus TCP and BACnet/IP for connection to the management (e.g., building management system) or automation level (e.g. controllers). Sensors and consumption meters of different media (e.g., energy, water, gas and heat) can be connected and read out via the interfaces M-Bus, S0, Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP. The consumption values of individual data points are stored in the database of the EWIO2 with a time stamp.

This data can be sent (push) or read (pull) as a CSV file from the database via e-mail (SSL) or FTP (SFTP). The EWIO2 can also be accessed via Modbus TCP, BACnet/IP, and TCP/IP, and the database queried. A REST-API interface enables direct access to the device from higher-level systems. The configuration, parameterization, and programming of the EWIO2 is done by the web browser directly on the device, meaning no additional software is required.

The integrated digital and analog inputs and outputs of the EWIO2-M are designed to connect sensors and actuators from different applications in building or industrial automation.

An integrated micro SD memory card extends the functionality of the EWIO2-M and can be used for saving settings, data, and applications, as well as a boot drive. Optional expansion modules for converting of physical properties such as temperature or S0 pulses into M-BUS telegrams, the recording of S0 double tariff meters, or Modbus RTU I/Os create countless expansion possibilities for the system involving the EWIO2-M. The EWIO2 is available as a device variant with data logger function for energy control or management or as a pure small controller for building or industrial automation with or without WLAN connection.

Benefits of Node-RED
  • web-based graphic programming interface
  • data flow orientated programming by drag & drop
  • simple creation of dashboards
  • prefabricated nodes for interfaces and I/Os
  • countless freely available applications (flows) available in the Node-RED Community
  • open source,
  • Node-RED access using nodes to EWIO2 I/Os and in the EWIO2 configured meter data

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