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Automaker Advances Innovation with First Stratasys F3300 3D Printer Purchase Agreement

Stratasys and Toyota has signed an agreement to be the first customer to purchase the new, cutting-edge Stratasys F3300 3D printer.

Automaker Advances Innovation with First Stratasys F3300 3D Printer Purchase Agreement
Dallas Martin, Additive Application Engineer, Toyota (left) and Scott Crump, Chief Innovation Officer, Stratasys, alongside the new Stratasys F3300 unveiled at Formnext tradeshow for Additive Manufacturing, Germany

Toyota will utilize the new F3300 for new production support, including parts and fixtures, and also for prototyping applications, to help bring new products to the market faster.

The F3300 is the latest Fusion Deposition Modeling (FDM) printer from Stratasys, built to scale additive manufacturing. It is capable of producing complex, high-precision parts that are crucial to vehicle design and usage, from prototypes to end-use components. The printer has increased versatility with fast changeover and loading, automatic calibration, and high throughput.

With these features, the F3300 will lower cost-per-part by up to 25 percent, print up to two times faster than any other FDM printers for production, and have 25 percent increased accuracy. The output and possibilities now available with the F3300 align with Toyota's reputation of delivering high-quality, innovative vehicles to customers around the world.

Automaker Advances Innovation with First Stratasys F3300 3D Printer Purchase Agreement

"Having the opportunity to incorporate the F3300 3D printer into our Additive operations represents a great leap forward towards achieving our corporate goals,” said Eduardo Guzman, Advanced Technologies Manager, Toyota. “The new printer capabilities will help us accelerate the introduction of new additive manufacturing opportunities across our manufacturing operations.”

“We have a combined interest in delivering innovation and superior quality for our customers, and this partnership with Toyota demonstrates our mutual commitments to better, smarter, and more sustainable production,” said Rich Garrity, Chief Industrial Business Unit Officer, Stratasys. “Built with manufacturing in mind, the F3300 will redefine additive manufacturing on the factory floor, with its speed, lowers costs and ease of service.”

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