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This is the first release of a new pressure transmitter platform built on the DST P1XX product range with several fieldbus protocols in scope for the future—supporting greater energy efficiency, operational optimization, and performance.


Sensor-level digital communication is necessary to push industrial applications and automation forward. As part of our mission to actively expand the Danfoss Smart Sensor™ portfolio, we’re introducing the DST P10B CANopen pressure transmitter. Built on top of our well-known and market-proven DST P1XX pressure transmitter, the DST P10B delivers a CANopen DS 301/DS 404 communication profile—empowering you to add sensors to your existing high-level fieldbus communication in water distribution, air compressor, HVACR, and other applications.

The embedded communication protocol allows for more sophisticated communication between the sensor and the application interface—to create and access new features for optimized performance and efficiency. All while reducing complexity.

Industries across the world have been empowered by digitalization, gaining more efficiency, optimized performance, and safety from their applications than ever before. And when we add smart communication on the sensor level, we help you build future-proof solutions in some of the most demanding industrial applications. Iro Dragoumi, Portfolio and Business Development Manager at Danfoss Sensing Solutions, explains, “The key advantage, of course, is that fieldbus communication allows you to access more actionable sensor data—from diagnostics to part information—to reduce application complexity, increase the quality of the monitoring system, and boost uptime.”

More benefits of CAN bus communication include:

  • Simplified wire harness at the edge/application: Smart sensors can simply be daisy-chained to a fieldbus cable rather than requiring individual cables running to the controller as in analogue sensors in an advanced application control loop.
  • Free up analogue I/Os at the edge/application: Digital fieldbus sensors relieve the I/O challenge of adding analogue sensors to application-specific controllers, making it relatively simple to expand the communication protocol down to the sensor and actuator level.
  • Unique sensor identification (poka-yoke): With fieldbus communication, each sensor has its unique identification supporting easier troubleshooting and a higher quality of information being sent to the controller.
Your partner in navigating the digital sensor frontier
Smart sensor technology is only getting more advanced—and we’re committed to making it more accessible to you. The application data gathered by smart sensors are the key to driving future industrial developments—feeding new innovations such as Machine Learning and AI algorithms for predictive maintenance, machine health monitoring, and boosting system performance.

With the introduction of the DST P10B CANopen—and the ongoing expansion of the DST P1XX platform with CAN bus protocols—Danfoss is your partner in navigating the digital sensor frontier.

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