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Yamaha Robotics Releases New YRM10, Next-generation Compact High-speed Modular Mounter

This new addition is a next-generation, compact, high-speed modular with space-saving qualities, and provides a combination of component compatibility and versatility.

Yamaha Robotics Releases New YRM10, Next-generation Compact High-speed Modular Mounter
YRM10 Next-generation Compact High-speed Modular Mounter

Yamaha Robotics announced that the new YRM10, a surface mounter that is the world's fastest in 1-Beam/1-Head class mounting performance of 52,000 CPH will be available for purchase from March 1, 2024. 

Bringing together a combination of high-speed and versatility with excellent cost performance, the new YRM10 was developed as a successor to the entry model YSM10.

While maintaining the compact size of the YSM10, this new one uses the next-generation YR series platform and introduces the latest technologies such as high-speed general purpose versatility head and vision systems from the high-end premium high-efficiency modular YRM20.

The 1-head solution mechanism consisting of 10 in-line heads and scan camera supports a wide range of components while maintaining high speed without the need for head replacement, and simultaneously achieving high mounting accuracy of ±35 μm (Cpk ≥ 1.0).

In addition to supporting high-density mounting of 0201 (0.25 x 0.125 mm) sized ultra-small chips to medium-sized or odd components, production quality capabilities are further improved by equipping the system with a side-view camera and optionally setting a coplanarity checker that detects components with a floating lead.

Market Background and Product Outline
In addition to the rapid electrification of powertrains for in-vehicle electronics, the miniaturization, high-densification, high functionality, and diversification, as well as shortened product cycles have increasingly accelerated for a variety of products such as appliances, personal computers, and mobile telephones.

In response to this, the miniaturization of components has also progressed, and higher-performance, higher-efficiency equipment with greater flexibility and efficiency has been introduced, promoting a dramatic increase in production capacity at manufacturing sites. As labor shortages and personnel expenses intensify, productivity improvement, increase in operating ratios, and reductions in labor requirements by automating factories through robotics, AI, and IoT have been promoted. Therefore, Yamaha Robotics developed the next-generation YR series platform, then introduced the premium high-efficiency modular YRM20 in 2020, the first to adopt this technology.

For YRM10, using the same YR series platform as the YRM20, the Company has developed it as an economy model that is fast, compact, takes up less space, has component compatibility, versatility, and excellent cost performance. At the same time, the Company has pursued a system that requires no skills and is easy to maintain.

With Yamaha's unique concept of 1 STOP SMART SOLUTION, the Company is the industry's leading manufacturer of a full lineup of mounting equipment, including surface mounters, SMD storage, printing machines, dispensers, and inspection equipment. By leveraging this strength, the Company is promoting the Intelligent Factory, a smart system that comprehensively improves the efficiency of the mounting process through smooth and advanced inter-equipment coordination without black boxes in equipment within the mounting line.

YRM10 Main Features

1. Next-generation YR Series platform that embodies the Intelligent Factory
YRM10 adopts the same YR series platform as the high-end model YRM20, which combines all of Yamaha's technologies at a high level. The machine control system along with the speedy and robust application software provides great peace of mind as it interacts with peripheral systems and software seamlessly, securely, and without waste.

2. Equipped with an in-line HM head that combines high versatility and high speed
The unit is equipped with a versatile HM head based on the 1-head solution concept consisting of 10 reliable in-line heads and a scan camera. One type of head can handle everything from ultra-small chips of 0201mm to medium-sized components of 100x 55mm and 15mm in height.

In addition, components up to 12x12mm and height 6.5mm can be recognized by the scan camera installed on the head side, minimizing the moving distance. Although the machine size is compact, it supports a maximum PCB size of L510 x W460mm and a maximum of 96 feeders (in terms of 8mm width). The unit combines this high versatility with high speed, making it the world's fastest in the 1-beam/1-head class at 52,000 CPH (the Company's optimum conditions).

3. High precision, high quality mounting for ultra-small chips
High precision mounting of ±35μm (Cpk≧1.0) has been achieved by reducing thermal distortion using the X beam. This allows the machine to handle 0201-sized ultra-small chips. In addition, to prevent defects from occurring, a side-view camera has been installed to further improve the quality of mounting small parts.

A coplanarity checker can also be installed as an option to detect components with floating leads. Additionally, the All Image Tracer (optional) saves all component recognition images, providing a powerful support tool for mounting quality analysis, such as helping in quickly identifying the cause of any defects when mounting defects or vacuum errors occur.

4. Pursuing ease of operation and maintenance
Equipped with an automatic creation function that navigates the work for creating components data. This function facilitates data creation supporting faster production start-up during high-mix production. In addition, in order to support the high-speed, low-impact mounting required for densely spaced mounting of ultra-small chips, the unit is equipped as standard with the same lightweight, low-impact nozzle as the YRM20. The unit is also equipped with a nozzle ID and a removable auto nozzle changer, allowing for easier maintenance.

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