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The MPX1000 series contributes to the customer’s equipment performance and added value through improved control.

New Machine Controller MPX1000 Series (MPX1310)

Yaskawa Electric Corporation announced the “i³-Mechatronics” solution concept in 2017, which adds digital data management to automation solutions, to realize the “new industrial automation revolution” set forth in the “Vision 2025”, and it enhances product development to make this concept a reality.

The company launched a new controller solution called “iCube Control”. Within this controller solution, it launches the MPX1000 series, a new machine controller with improved performance and enhanced functionality, as a new model succeeding the MP3000 series, a machine controller that has been well-regarded for controlling equipment. As the first product in the series, it launched the MPX1310.

Aim of the Commercialization
In response to customer requests for higher speeds in industrial equipment, Yaskawa has expanded its product lineup since launching the MP3200 in October 2011 and the MP3300 in November 2013 as part of the MP3000 series of machine controllers that specialize in high-speed, multi-axis synchronous control of servo drives. In recent years, in addition to further high-speed control performance, it has been required to increase the number of control axes by integrating equipment functions, connect peripherals, and expand the lineup of I/O etc.

The MPX1310 model of the MPX1000 series, which has been commercialized as a successor to the current MP3000 series, achieves significant performance improvements, such as 8x more motion processing performance and an increase in the number of controllable axes from 16 to 128. The performance of the Company’s servo drive products can be maximized, and thereby the equipment performance and added value of customers can be greatly improved.

Main Features

1. Improved motion processing performance
The MPX1310 greatly improves processing performance and achieves about 8x the MP3300 CPU-301 ratio. It also has two lines of the high-speed motion network MECHATROLINK-4, enabling synchronization control of servo drives with up to 128 axes. In addition, it adopted multi-scanning, making it possible to distribute “high-speed control axes” as well as “low-speed control axes” synchronously, thereby contributing to further improvement of equipment performance.

2. User application compatibility with MP2000 / MP3000 series
The existing MP2000 / MP3000 series user applications are also compatible with the MPX1310. Also, MECHATROLINK communication can be switched to MECHATROLINK-III and easily replaced from MP3000 series.

3. Support for SLIO I/O series
The MPX1310 supports a wide range of SLIO I/O that can be directly attached to the device to build a versatile system. Also, SLIO I/O can be distributed as remote I/O by using bus couplers for various networks such as MECHATROLINK-4.

4. Support for optimum communication for equipment control
It is equipped with two Ethernet ports and can be used for general Ethernet communication as well as Ethernet/IP communication. And it supports message communication with various communication protocols and can be used easily without requiring any user application.

Main Use
The MPX1310 is ideal for devices that pursue high speed, high response, and control synchronization, as well as devices with a number of control axes.
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment: Mold equipment, die bonder
  • Liquid crystal manufacturing equipment: Scriber, seal dispenser
  • Electronic component assembling equipment: Chip mounter, solder printing machine
  • Metal working machine: Servo press, winding machine, spring manufacturing device
  • Industrial robot: Parallel link, horizontal articulation, vertical articulation
  • Secondary battery manufacturing: Roll press, separator manufacturing, electrode layer manufacturing

Product positioning

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