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ExOne News

The InnoventPro Metal 3D Printer

The world's most advanced entry-level metal 3D printer using binder jetting.

DMG News


Premiere: DMG MORI celebrates the trends and innovations as well as innovative products and solutions with virtual live presentations and a digital showroom a class of its own.

Nord USA

NORD Smooth Body Gear Units and nsd tupH Sealed Surface Conversion Pave a New Way for Food Processing and Extreme Environment Drive Systems

Washdown-ready smooth body gear units, motors, and variable frequency drives bring an innovative alternative to expensive, bulky stainless steel, while nsd tupH provides these units with even greater protection for food

B&R News

Security cells protect against cyber threats

B&R's APROL process control system ensures that manufacturing systems remain secure on the World Wide Web.

Emerson News

Emerson Offers Industry’s First “Four-in-One” Compact Flow Meter

New Rosemount 8800 Quad Vortex meter is designed with built-in redundancies for SIL3 safety requirements along with basic process control and fits into less than half the space of four traditional redundant flow meters, offering easy, cost-effective installation.

Progea News


Modern automation systems provide for the availability to be accessed remotely and at any time. From this perspective, various users such as operators, maintenance crews and production managers need to have access to automation systems, and the security of each access needs to be guaranteed. In fact, authorizing different profiles of people to access the system remotely, means exposing the system to security issues that can involve data confidentiality and even command and control security problems. Typically, these accesses have to be managed in a simple and functional way, thus the Web Client technology is used increasingly.

Baumüller News

More compact with water 

 Baumüller offers the water-cooling method for a wide range of motor sizes, which allows greater power with more compactness.

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