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The Energy Saving App, Coval's software that measures energy savings

COVAL has been committed, for several years now, to improving the energy efficiency of their vacuum pumps. The French manufacturer of components and solutions for vacuum handling offers the Energy Saving App software, accessible online, which allows easy evaluation of energy savings made by an installation equipped with a vacuum pump using the ASC energy saving system.

HBM News

New Hygienic Weighing Electronics DSE

Leading weighing technology expert, HBM has launched a new load cell conditioner - DSE-HIE, which allows any strain gauge-based load cell to operate in a modern, industrial Ethernet system.

EBM Papst News

Highly Dynamic Drive Systems for Intralogistics

In Hall 7, Booth A31 at the LogiMAT trade show, the international specialized trade show for intralogistics solutions and process management, ebm-papst will present intelligent drive systems for various logistics applications and an innovation: the driving/steering system. The trade show will be held in Stuttgart from March 10-12, 2021.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Innovating together for a sustainable future

Lund University and Tetra Pak have recently signed a five-year strategic partnership agreement, expanding on their rich history of collaboration on packaging logistics, food technology and packaging materials. Together, Lund University and Tetra Pak will aim to create new industry-academia development opportunities, promote the sharing of resources and competencies, explore opportunities to enrich ideas, and create a platform of exchange between students and professionals.

Sensopart News

The all-seeing detector

SensoPart’s new laser proximity sensor FT 55-RLHM with background suppression (BGS) detects surfaces of any kind and identifies the smallest objects with remarkable reliability.

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