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The challenges of mass customization in manufacturing

Today, customers are not content with standard products, but are looking for differentiated and personalized goods or services. Thanks to the new information technologies and innovative manufacturing processes, mass customization has become available in a multitude of sectors. In this article, Claudia Jarrett, US country manager at automation parts supplier EU Automation, discusses the main challenges of mass customization in manufacturing.


Machining large parts without reclamping: MMV 4200 / 5200 / 6200 travelling column machining centres

With the MMV 4200 / 5200 / 6200 models, EMCO introduces an extension to its MMV series, featuring enlarged travel paths (X= 4200 / 5200 / 6200) in response to increased demand in the travelling column machine segment. The machines with 3, 4 and 5 axes can be used for complete machining of very large and heavy parts in one clamping. The proven technology MMV 3200 has been kept in the new models: a high-performance motor spindle with 0 - 15,000 rpm speed range, 46 kW spindle power and up to 170 Nm torque. 40 tool pockets available as standard, optionally expandable up to 120 pockets. Thanks to the new modular system, customers do not have to choose between a smaller machine or one that is too large; variable sizes are possible up to 6,200 mm. The main difference between the MMV 4200 / 5200 and 6200 and the previous model is the X-axis drive, which uses a rack-and-pinion system instead of ball screws. This ensures dynamic, fast and precise feed during machining. The demand for these high-performance machines comes mainly from the petroleum industry, railroad industry and intralogistics.



Laser profile scanners from Micro-Epsilon perform true 3D measurements based on calibrated data. TU-Darmstadt already uses this technology. The powerful 3D sensors of the scanCONTROL 2900 series perform high-resolution measurements of muscle mass or bones in combination with camera systems.


The unique automatic tool holder clamping for the indexers on cnc turning & nilling centres - QUICKLOCK

At this year's EMO, the world's leading international trade fair for metalworking in Milan (Oct. 4-9, 2021), the Eppinger Group from Denkendorf, Germany, will present its innovative tool holders and tool systems especially for turning/milling centres. Eppinger at EMO 2021 in hall 4, booth B11.

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