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Acceed News

Industrial AI applications with the Jetson engine

The intelligent control and monitoring of processes, machines and systems is increasingly based on large data quantities and complex algorithms, whose calculation requires specialised hardware and a high bandwidth for data communication.

Andritz News

World record production with ANDRITZ HC refiner at Jiangsu Bohui Paper Industry, China

In close cooperation with its customer Jiangsu Bohui Paper Industry, international technology group ANDRITZ recently achieved a milestone in high-consistency (HC) refining by processing a peak capacity of 1,300 admt/d of local hardwood chips per day and achieving sustainable production of 1,150 admt/d at the mill in Dafeng, China.

Dunkermotoren News

Professional article: "We torque PROFINET"

Dunkermotoren will by no means be disloyal to itself in the process. On the contrary. It is precisely with PROFINET that Dunkermotoren demonstrates its strength: the integration of electronics in the motor housing.

Renishaw News

Renishaw goes big on nanofiber

To help with ongoing personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages, Ontario-based nanofiber manufacturer, BIG-nano, has collaborated with Renishaw to create a local supply chain for protective masks using additive manufacturing (AM).

ZF News

ZF to produce Ibeo and SICK 3D Solid-State LiDAR for Industrial Applications

Following initial production of the ibeoNEXT LiDAR system last year, the ZF Group has obtained its next order: Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH and SICK AG will bring the 3D Solid-State LiDAR sensor for industrial applications to market. ZF will produce transceiver modules for both ibeoNext automotive and industrial applications at its facility in Brest, France.

Pilz News


With the intuitive online tool myPNOZ Creator, users can assemble “their” myPNOZ: it’s delivered pre-assembled, set up and tested and so is a completely individualised system, ready to install. No programming knowledge is required to use myPNOZ Creator, as the logic links for the safety functions are defined on myPNOZ via the modules that are selected and the sequence in which they are plugged in. As such the automation company Pilz has developed a digital, universal concept for its new modular safety relay myPNOZ, from selection through to order: with myPNOZ Pilz can offer safe solutions that are built in accordance with customers’ specific individual batch size 1 requirements.

EUAutomation News

Planning for the unplanned

Turning downtime into uptime.

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