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ARBOR Technology News

ARBOR Partners Up with NCKU for Smart Med Wristband

The wristband not only helps medical professionals and patients measure vital signs such as temperature and heart rate, but also the wristband can broadcast early warning signs, information on epidemic prevention, and reminders about taking medical action when vital signs indicate a disease. By wearing ARBOR’s smart med wristband, one can efficiently help prevent the epidemic from spreading.

Pilz News

New actuator for a new dimension in safety!

Thanks to RFID transponder technology, the coded safety switches PSENcode from Pilz combine maximum manipulation protection with the smallest space requirement. A new feature is a further solution for space-critical applications, where the installation height is a key factor: the PSENcode low profile actuator is just 3 mm high and is currently the world's most low profile actuator.


New Catalogue 2020/2021

A FAULHABER Drive System is more than just the sum of its components. When application engineers combine FAULHABER products with one another, the overall performance of the system increases. This is the FAULHABER principle of perfectly optimised parameters and interfaces for compact, integrated and high-performance drive solutions.

Hepco Motion News

HepcoMotion’s ‘Fit and Forget’ Actuators Provide a Low Maintenance Solution in a High Duty Bread Manufacturing Application

In recent weeks, due to the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a spike in demand for bread far in excess than previously seen. Whereas many people usually buy a ready-made lunch everyday, now they are buying bread and eating at home.

Sandvik Coromant News

Sandvik Coromant joins forces with Microsoft to shape the future of manufacturing

Sandvik Coromant has embarked on a unique venture with Microsoft to drive forward the development and digitalization of the manufacturing industry. Combining Sandvik Coromant's expertise in machining with technical solutions from Microsoft, the collaboration will seek to link up parts of the production chain to create solutions for the next generation of manufacturing. The contract also includes an acceleration of the internal digitalization network for Sandvik Coromant.

Stemmer imaging News

New visions with polarisation

Polarisation imaging can reveal information on physical properties such as stresses in plastic or glass. STEMMER IMAGING polarisation expert Jan Sandvoss gives us an insight into this powerful technique and its possibilities.

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