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Precise temperature measurement in industrial processes

In numerous industrial processes, high precision temperature control is required to achieve high and consistent quality results.

Codesys News


CODESYS platform for Industry 4.0 goes into live operation.

HMS Industrial Networks AB

Talk2M Easy Setup makes machine connectivity easier than easy

HMS Networks today announces a new set of features in the Talk2M®Easy Setup framework for Ewon® products, targeting to make secure remote machine access connectivity even easier for machine builders and end users.

HMS Industrial Networks AB

New Anybus® Switches and Wireless Routers open the door to the wireless infrastructures of the future

HMS Networks now presents a new line of Anybus® Switches and Wireless Routers for next generation industrial wireless communication. Preparing for the arrival of 5G and the vision of smarter and more flexible factories, the products combine high capacity and reliability with more mobility and less latency to wireless networks.


E4TC at RWTH Aachen Campus determines potential New Study: “Engineering 4.0”

The European 4.0 Transformation Center (E4TC) at RWTH Aachen Campus has investigated the strategic digitization of design and control engineering and the technical layout of machines and plant systems. The 38-page research report titled “Engineering 4.0” is based on an eight-month field study of German machine manufacturers (producing both series products and special machinery), of engineering offices/hardware planners, and of component manufacturers. For the first time, the methodology developed to quantify available potential in engineering and measures to be taken enables a well-founded consideration of current engineering workflows for both series production and special-machinery manufacturing. Its central finding: A partial automation of engineering processes achieves an optimal cost/benefit ratio.


Modular cable entry for cables with plugs

CONTA-CLIP expands its cable entry portfolio, launching the KDS-R system for M20 to M63 round openings suited to cables with and without plugs.

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